Toronto Market Week, Aug 11-13, Ilo307
Maison & Objet Paris, Sept 5-9, Hall 4 Stand D93, DAM
AQIJ Drummondville, Sept 15-15, Stand 307, Ilo307

10 April 2024

MOLUK at Milan Design Week 2024

We are delighted to be back in Milan for this year's edition of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK.
During the 2024 Fuorisalone, unduetrestella will present a selection of leading children's design brands in the beautiful new spaces of TOG, founded ten years ago as a centre of excellence for the rehabilitation of children with complex neurological pathologies. April 15-21, TOG, Via Livigno, 1, unduetrestella

25 FEB 2024

Ulu & Tulu nominated for ToyAward at Spielwarenmesse

We are happy to announce that Ulu & Tulu have both been nominated for the 2024 ToyAward in the category Baby & Infant. The internationally recognized prize of the Spielwarenmesse is presented annually by an expert jury.

2024 also marks the 10th anniversary of Oogi and the Pluï Rain Cloud, two of our most beloved toys. We will celebrate the occasion with a Party on February 1st at 18h and unveil the latest addition to the Oogi Family!

MOLUK will exhibit in Hall 2 E-15.
Get in touch with to schedule a meeting and don't miss our presentation in the New Product Gallery in Hall 3A!

30 OCT 2023

Tulu and Mox win SpielGut® Award!

Exciting news from Ulm: Both the new Tulu and Mox have been awarded the spielgut® seal of approval for their outstanding play value and child-friendly design. The German non-profit organization is one of the few truly independent award programs. For more than 60 years, it has been promoting high-quality, sustainable toys that make a difference in children's lives. Each toy is thoroughly tested by children and reviewed by a panel of child development experts to meet spielgut's high standards for educational value, safety and environmental impact. A total of 15 MOLUK toys now carry the spielgut® seal.

25 AUG 2023

Hello Tulu!

The latest play shape and puzzle piece in the MOLUK cosmos is called Tulu!
Tulu reinvents the building block. Instead of square cubes, you can now stack and balance balls and other round objects – Tulu provides the missing link. In classic MOLUK fashion, the elastic spool shapes become versatile play objects that grow with your child. Tulu shines as an elegant grasping and teething toy for babies. Toddlers will stack, roll, or nest the pieces. You can thread a string or cloth through them or sort them by color. Combine Tulu with Bilibo Mini and other MOLUK toys to create even more adventurous constructions, or use them as open-ended accessories in pretend play! 
Tulu playfully trains fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration while engaging the child's imagination and curiosity. You will be astonished at how many possibilities your child will discover with these deceptively simple shapes!


25 JAN 2023

International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2023

Spielwarenemesse is finally back! We can't wait to meet again and show you the latest additions to our open-ended toy collection. Ulu & Tulu are two new shapes we developed to complement and expand our product family – giving children essential tools to play and invent their own stories and adventures.
Get in touch with to schedule a meeting, and join us for a glass of Swiss wine & cheese and our infamous Toss-an-Oogi Contest on Thursday evening after 6pm! >>>> MOLUK Hall 2 E-15

2 Oct 2022

Oogi Redesign

By popular demand, we are introducing Oogi in neutral colors (beige and pale pink) with new packaging and from a completely redesigned and improved production tooling.
The two new styles will come in an elegant carton gift box without any plastic - continuing our mission to eliminate any unnecessary plastic from our packaging.

10 JUNE 2022

Fat Brain Toy Co becomes new MOLUK US distributor

We’re thrilled to announce that Fat Brain Toy Co is assuming the distribution of our toy range in the United States. Fat Brain Toys has been one of MOLUK’s biggest and most successful retail customers for many years and shares our passion for child-centric, open-ended play. Joining forces was a no-brainer.
ASTRA in Long Beach will be the first major show together, underlining our shared dedication to specialty retail and education. MOLUK’s founder Alex Hochstrasser will be present for the whole show.
Come and play!

28 SEPT 2021

Bilibo turns 20!

Today, exactly 20 years ago, we received the first production pieces of Bilibo – just in time for the launch party at Einzigart Gallery in Zurich. Bilibo was the first toy Alex designed and remains in many ways the blueprint for the whole MOLUK collection.
We believe that good toys should inspire and challenge children to be active and creative rather than simply entertain and keep them quiet. Toys should be powered by the child’s innate curiosity and imagination, not by batteries. And, if a toy can be anything the child wants it to be, it always stays new.
So Bilibo was more than a product  –  it was a physical manifesto for free play and letting children be children. The rest is history
A huge thank-you to all our friends, partners, and families around the world who believed in Alex's vision and helped Bilibo turn into the global success it is!


2 SEPT 2021

New Colors 2021/22

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bilibo, we are launching a brand new collection of pastel Bilibo colors which will be accompanied by pastel editions of Hix, Mox, and Oibo.
You can get a sneak peek of the new line at Maison&Objet Paris at the stand of our partner DAM.
Alex Hochstrasser, the inventor of Bilibo, will be joining the show on Sept 9th and 10th.

6 FEB 2021

Meet the Designer

Afilii just launched Meet the Designers! - A series of short introduction videos of design-led toy brands and the creative minds behind them. You can see Alex’ presentation of MOLUK and our toys below.

15 SEPT 2020


Movement and active play are essential for the healthy development of a child’s physical and mental abilities. Prof. Dr. Harald Lange from the German Institute for Movement Education and Movement Research in Würzburg has created an evaluation system and award program to help parents, teachers, and other professionals choose the best toys to foster active play. In an extensive testing procedure, products are examined and rated for their play value and educational benefits. We are excited to receive the MOVEMENT & INNOVATION quality seal for six MOLUK toys: Bilibo, Oogi Family, Hix, Mox, Boi, and the Pluï Rain Cloud.

06 APRIL 2020

lntroducing: BUILDING GENIUS™

The new BUILDING GENIUS is an educational 9-piece set combining Hix, Mox & Oibo.
Each of these three award-winning toys offers a broad range of sensory stimulation and play possibilities. Together, they take play to the next level as a universal building and construction game. BUILDING GENIUS grows with your child, surprising with new uses and challenges at each stage of the child's development. The elastic building blocks are made of durable, food-grade silicone rubber for unlimited fun and maximum safety. Simply throw them in the dishwasher to clean or even boil them in hot water to disinfect, and best of all - they are completely silent. #hixmoxoibo

12 MARCH 2020

#stayathome #playathome

20 JAN 2020

Full STEAM ahead to Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

We look forward to welcoming you at Spielwarenmesse 2020. MOLUK is exhibiting again in Hall 2 E-15 and the TrendGallery, presenting BUILDING GENIUS and the Pluï Weather Set as well as a new edition of the award-winning Hix. The new items focus on early STEAM, playfully teaching children elementary physics and geometry while stimulating their imagination and senses.
On Thursday evening from 6-8 pm, all our friends and partners are cordially invited to join us for a glass of Swiss wine and cheese at our booth.


01 JAN 2020

MOLUK 2020 - iconic toys for an iconic year

We hope you all entered the new year and new decade beaming with energy and optimism.
The coming years will bring many changes. Technology will continue to transform the way we live and work at breakneck speed. The only areas where machines will never match humans is in creativity, imagination and empathy. It is precisely these qualities that we strive to foster with our toys - offering children the tools to grow up in a healthy and happy way. 

7 NOV 2019

Oibo wins Gold Award from Parents' Choice Foundation!

After spiel gut® in Germany and PLATINUM Junior Design Award in the UK, Oibo receives a GOLD AWARD from Parents's Choice in the USA and has been selected by PARENTS magazine for its „Best Toys 2019“ list.
Claire Green, the president of  Parents’ Choice Foundation, writes: "With its elegant design, satisfying feel, and artistic performance, the Oibo —in the words of one designer-dad tester— is “kind of perfect.”"

25 SEPT 2019

Best Toy Design (0-2 years) PLATINUM Award for Oibo!

Great news from the UK: The jury of this year's Junior Design Award has selected Oibo as the PLATINUM winner in the category Best Baby Toys: "These extremely tactile and highly graspable stacking balls were a huge hit with our big judges and our little judges. Lots of babies attending the JDA19 judging days, made a bee line for these brightly coloured toys which they loved grabbing, chewing and throwing."

15 AUG 2019

Oibo and Nigi, Nagi & Nogi win Spiel Gut® Award

We are excited to announce that Oibo, as well as the Nigi, Nagi & Nogi teething rings, have been awarded the 'spiel gut' seal of approval. The non-profit organization was founded over 60 years ago to promote toys with exceptional play value. To date, 13 different MOLUK toys have received the coveted distinction.

2 MAY 2019

Introducing: Oibo™

Our new Oibo baby balls are now available in most countries and here is the first video showing the toy in action. Oibo grows with your child. It shines as an elegant grasping and teething toy for the baby. Toddlers will enjoy how Oibo bounces and rolls. Its soft material is perfect and safe for first throwing and catching games. By stacking and aligning the pieces, kids learn about geometry while training hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Oibo collapses when you accidentally step on it and pops right back into shape.

8 APRIL 2019

MOLUK at Milan Design Week 2019

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's birth, unduetrestella has invited MOLUK to take part in the exhibition "HELLO LEO!" during Milan Design Week. The show is presenting cutting-edge art and design for children featuring more than 40 brands and products from around the world.
MOLUK will also be on display at "PLAY, NO RULES. Artist's toys" at 121+, Libreria ExTemporanea, Via Savona 17/5.

7 FEB 2019

Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2019

We’re back from Nuremberg Toy Fair. It was our 7th year as well as the 70th anniversary of Spielwarenmesse. We are super happy about the positive reception of our latest toys.
Oibo™ and Nigi, Nagi & Nogi™ were developed specifically for the first years – with a focus on grasping, teething and sensory stimulation for newborns and infants, however, like all MOLUK toys, they remain interesting and offer new possibilities when the child grows older.
Both toys were on display at the TrendGallery where the TrendCommittee also featured Bilibo® as an example of the Ready, Steady, Play! Trend for 2019 - Toys that encourage children to get active, combining exercise with fun.
Here are some impressions from Nuremberg for those who couldn’t make it and a big thank you to all our friends and partners who stopped by!

1 OKT 2018

Play It Green!

MOLUK was part of "play it green!" - An event initiated and curated by afilii. The exhibition took place from September 20-21 at the same time as Kind+Jugend in the Design Post Cologne and featured international designers and manufacturers who are looking for new avenues in the design and production of sustainable, eco-friendly toys. Alex Hochstrasser, MOLUK’s founder and designer, was also invited to speak about the importance of open-ended, gender-neutral toys at the Kind + Jugend Trend Forum.
Here are some impressions from the days in Cologne:

22 JUNE 2018

Spiel Gut Award for Boi and Oogifant

Oogifant and Boi are the 10th and 11th MOLUK toy to receive the prestigious spiel gut® award.
The German non-profit organization is one of the few truly independent award programs and highly regarded for its long history of promoting high quality, sustainable toys that make a difference in children's lives.

6 APRIL 2018

UnduetreSTELLA Design Week Milan

We are delighted to join unduetrestella for its 10th-anniversary exhibition and present our latest toys during Milan Design Week 2018. The show NOW, NOW, and NOW is a fuorisalone event featuring art and design for kids at Fabbrica del Vapore. April 17-22.

3 APRIL 2018

Introducing: Boi™ and Oogifant™

Our latest toys are inspired by the animal kingdom: Boi floats and dances in and out of the bathtub. Is it a penguin, a duck or some other bird? We let the children decide. No matter how you spin or roll it, Boi always gets back upright again and continues to bravely explore the world.
Oogifant is all you need to turn everyday objects into elephants. The tactile and highly elastic silicone trunk has suction cups on both ends that attach to any smooth surface. Hilarious moments and shared laughter are guaranteed. Boi and Oogifant are compatible with all other MOLUK toys.

16 FEB 2018

PlayMonster becomes MOLUK's new US distributor

Following the acquisition of Kid O, the Wisconsin based PlayMonster will also take over the distribution of MOLUK in the USA, effective immediately. We are excited about this new chapter in MOLUK's history and look forward to working with PlayMonster. The team from PlayMonster has incredible expertise and relationships in the toy industry and is ideally positioned to take MOLUK to the next level in the US. They share our passion for great toys and understand the importance of open-ended play which inspires creativity and imagination in children and makes a positive, lasting difference in their lives.

24 JAN 2018

Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2018

The International Toy Fair in Nuremberg 2018 is opening its doors next week. We have two brand new toys that we look forward to showing you, and we're excited that the fair's TrendCommittee has selected one of them for the "Just for Fun" special exhibition in the Trend Gallery in Hall 3A.
On Thursday evening after 6 pm all our friends and partners are cordially invited to join us for a glass of Swiss wine and cheese at our booth in Hall 2 E-13.

6 DEC 2017

MOLUK teaming up with littleCONCEPTS in UK

We are excited to announce our partnership with littleCONCEPTS who will start distributing MOLUK in the UK in 2018. littleCONCEPTS share our passion for inspiring and sustainable children’s products and understand the importance of great design and a unique brand. They will launch the MOLUK family, including the latest additions to the line, at Top Drawer London in January. We look forward to a successful collaboration!

11 NOV 2017

Hix wins Science Toy Award 2017

Hix wins this year’s Science Toy Award in the preschool category. The award ceremony was held on Wednesday Nov 8 at the Imperial College of London. The Science Toy Award is an international award organized by researchers and engineers that aims to motivate children to pursue a career in STEM. It is supported by the Imperial College and the Science Museum London.

26 SEPT 2017

Spiel Gut Award for Hix

We are delighted to announce that Hix has received the coveted spiel gut® Award.The German non-profit organization has been testing and recommending well designed, educational toys for over 60 years.
01 SEPT 2017

Kind + Jugend Fair Cologne, Sept 14-17, 2017

MOLUK will be presenting its award-winning collection of open-ended toys at the curated DESIGN PARC section of Kind + Jugend Fair Cologne from Sept 14-17. Hall 11.1, booth C042. If you are attending the fair make sure to stop by. Alex Hochstrasser will be present for the whole show.

14 JUNE 2017

Gold Award from the Archimedes Foundation

We are excited to announce that the Pluï Rain Cloud just received a Gold Award from the Archimedes Foundation for promoting bath time explorations and discoveries. What a great way to celebrate International bath day!

27 MAR 2017

UnduetreSTELLA Design Week Milan

MOLUK is presenting Hix™ at MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano during Milan Design Week. The event #DontStop is curated by unduetrestella and featurea a selection of contemporary international brands for children showcasing their latest projects. April 4-9, 2017.

24 MAR 2017

Hix nominated for „Das Goldene Schaukelpferd“

The latest addition to the MOLUK toy collection has just been chosen as one of the 50 best toys of the year and is nominated for „Das Goldene Schaukelpferd 2017“ in the category "For Artists and Builders". The Magazine familie&co and the German Toy Association are organizing this renowned consumer award for the 16th time.

16 MAR 2017

Oogi Bongo and Oogi Pilla win Spiel Gut Award

Our beloved Oogi Bongo and Pilla are recognized by the spiel gut® committee for their unique play value - joining the ranks of Bilibo, Pluï, and Oogi.

11 FEB 2017

MOLUK at Spielwarenmesse 2017

Thanks to all who visited our booth at Toy Fair Nuremberg. We had a great show and fantastic feedback for the new Hix™ toy. Here is a video with some impressions from the exhibition and our little anniversary party on Friday evening.

1 FEB 2017

Introducing Hix™ - Convertible Construction Cones

Today Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg is opening its doors. We are exhibiting in Hall 2 E-13 and excited to present the latest addition to the MOLUK line called Hix.
Hix is a versatile new construction toy consisting of four convertible cones made of elastic silicone rubber. Each cone transforms into four basic shapes which can be stacked and nested in a myriad of different configurations. Hix is a delight to fidget with and makes geometry accessible and fun for all ages. It playfully trains visual-spacial ability, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Finally you have smart building blocks that don’t hurt when you accidentally step on them nor make any noise when tumbling down.
And of course Hix complements and works together with all other MOLUK toys.

24 JAN 2017

Celebrating 5 Years MOLUK

2017 marks the 5th anniversary of MOLUK. At the upcoming International Toy Fair in Nuremberg we invite our friends and partners to join us on Friday Feb 3rd after 5pm for a little party at our booth in Hall 2 E-13.
We can't wait to show you the lastest addition to the MOLUK range: A brand new toy that will combine open-ended play with geometry and construction...

11 NOV 2016

Science Toy Award

We are happy to announce that the Pluï Rain Cloud has won a special mention in the first Science Toy Award which was established in the UK to encourage an interest in science, engineering and mathematics by promoting toys that help children develop STEM skills through play. The award was officially announced during a ceremony at the Imperial College in London on Nov 7.

20 SEP 2016

MOLUK at Kind + Jugend 2016

We just returned from Kind + Jugend Fair in Cologne. Thanks to all who stopped by. For those who couldn't make it, we prepared a short clip with some impressions from our presentation at the curated Design Parc exhibition.

25 AUG 2016

"Oogi and Friends" by Bernard De Koven

We are thrilled about Bernard De Koven's enthusiastic review of our latest toys which collectively receive his coveted Major Fun Award, while Alex Hochstrasser is honored as a "Defender of the Playful".
De Koven stresses the universal appeal of MOLUK's toys: „They are as enticing to adults as they are to children,“ he writes, „I spent a couple hours in the company of these toys. I was enthralled. They took me away to the kind of play I experienced as a young child.“

3 JUN 2016

Pluï Brush Sunny and Cloudy

Brushes? Yes, brushes!
We continue to do things a little bit differently and are delighted to introduce Pluï Brush Sunny and Cloudy which add a new sensory element to our line.
Sunny and Cloudy are designed to tickle your imagination and senses. They beautifully complement the Pluï Rain Cloud during bath time and add fun and charm to the otherwise dull task of cleaning. Like all MOLUK toys these playful brushes become versatile props in role and pretend play and reveal new sides and surprising possibilities in combination with Oogi, Nello and other parts of the MOLUK family.

12 MAY 2016

Oogi Bongo & Oogi Pilla

Meet Oogi Bongo and Oogi Pilla, two unique new characters in the Oogi universe!
Designed to inspire fantastic stories they come alive in the hands of children. The tactile, elastic material and different suction cup sizes invite kids to experiment and play using their imagination and all their senses. The bathtub is one of the places where both Oogi Bongo and Oogi Pilla feel right at home, but they have also been spotted playing on car windows, fridges or on dad’s desk.

12 FEB 2016

New York Toy Far 2016

Discover the latest MOLUK toys at NY Toy Fair from Feb 13-16. Booth #5763 (Kid O)! We have some sweet additions to the Oogi and Pluï lines :-)

28 JAN 2016

Introducing: Oogi GLOW

The award-winning Oogi now also shines at night. A cool new glow-in-the-dark version brings out Oogi’s show talent and highlights the iconic design of the figure. Hold Oogi GLOW near a bright light to charge - then let the party begin!
The new Oogi GLOW and Oogi Junior GLOW will be available in March.

21 JAN 2016

Weather forecast for Nuremberg: Mostly Sunny

We are exhibiting again at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg from Jan 27 - Feb 1, 2016.
If you are attending the show please make sure to visit our booth in Hall 2, D-13. We can't wait to present you the latest additions to the MOLUK line. Our toys will also be on display at the Trend Gallery in Hall 3A.

1 JAN 2016

Happy New Year!

2015 is already behind us. It was a good year and we are happy and grateful for all the trust and support we received from our partners and customers. MOLUK has confidently mastered its toddler years and continues to grow in a healthy and steady way. Our toys are now sold in almost 50 countries around the world. New partners joined us from Japan, India or the Ukraine and a first MOLUK concept store just opened in Malaysia.
We will continue to develop toys that defy conventional age and gender categories and strive for a more universal appeal. All our toys complement and build on each other, they are like puzzle pieces of a larger game and we are excited to see where this journey will take us next.

15 NOV 2015

9 OCT 2015

Travel With Oogi - Join and Win!

Oogis are wonderful travel companions. If you search for #oogi and #TravelWithOogi on Instagram you find a growing number of images from around the World, and the wonderful Oogi World Map by our friend @oogi.junior is getting more crowded every day.

You can WIN 1 of 3 Oogi Family Sets if you join the game and share your Oogi pictures with us by using #TravelWithOogi and tag MOLUK in the picture on Instagram or on Facebook. (If you have a private account you can send the picture to
Don't forget to indicate the location, so your picture can show up on the growing Oogi World Map.

On Nov 15 we will choose the 3 most unique contributions who will each receive an Oogi Family Set. The winners will be announced here.

6 SEP 2015

Kind + Jugend Fair Cologne, Sept 10-13, 2015

MOLUK will be exhibiting again at Kind + Jugend Fair in Cologne from Sept 10-13. Our toys will be on display at the curated DESIGN PARC section in Hall 10.1 booth A70.

On Sept 10+11 DESIGN POST Cologne will host the show DESIGN FIT FOR KIDS by afilii with 28 labels from 9 countries, including MOLUK and a lecture by Alex Hochstrasser about toy design and branding on Thursday Sept 10 at 18pm. The venue is conveniently located opposite the entrance east of Messe Cologne and open from 11am-8pm on both days. We look forward to seeing you in Cologne!

18 AUG 2015

FORMEX Stockholm, Aug 19-22, 2015

Andemors Verden, our partner in Scandinavia, will present the complete MOLUK range for the first time at FORMEX Fair in Stockholm. If you are attending the show please make sure to visit their booth AG:36 for a hands-on experience of our open-ended toys, including the brand new Mox and Nello!

28 APR 2015

MOLUK presents its latest toys at Milan Design Week 2015

Here are some impressions from our week in Milan where MOLUK was invited to show its family of contemporary, open-ended toys at two events: Ki.D.S. by unduetrestella at Superstudio and KIDS DESIGN WEEK with afilii at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

11 April 2015

Focus on Kids during Milan Design Week.

Design for Kids is front and centre at this year's Milan Design Week with two prominent events: Superstudio at via Tortona is celebrating its 15th anniversary with Ki.D.S., an event organized in collaboration with curator Paola Noé from unduetrestella. At the same time the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia is hosting KIDS DESIGN WEEK where afilii will present creative toys, play objects and furniture for kids. MOLUK has been invited to both events and will also show the brand new Mox and Nello. If you are coming to Milan make sure to stop by!

10 April 2015

Mox - The Talking Ball

Dolls and balls are probably the most popular and universal toys. The latest addition to the MOLUK line combines both worlds: Mox is a ball with a big mouth. He likes to talk, laugh, sing, and most of all, he likes to eat. He eats marbles, coins, and other things that rumble nicely in his stomach. Mox also enjoys rolling, being thrown and caught or even juggled. Unlike any other ball he has the ability to balance and form towers together with his siblings. Mox is quite a character and has many secret talents that just wait to be discovered...
Mox is made of tactile, food-grade silicone rubber and suitable for all ages. Available this summer.

8 April 2015

Hello Nello - A Celebration of the Circle

Nello is a magic object and versatile, open-ended toy that quickly becomes an indispensable accessory for countless play activities, indoors and outdoors. It is a color puzzle, a nesting toy, a marble run, a floating island in the bath or a sand toy at the beach. You can roll, spin and swing the rings, throw and catch them. Use them as targets for games like tiddlywinks or as beautiful props for role and pretend play.
Nello is made from high-quality, food-grade HD-PE, 100% recyclable. Available this summer.

5 FEB 2015

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015

We just returned from an exciting Toy Show in Nuremberg. Here are some impressions from our booth and the presentation at the TrendGallery. MOLUK had a couple of surprises for our visitors: Next to a gorgeous purple Bilibo, the Oogi Family and a redesigned Pluï Rainball we introduced Mox and Nello. Two new toys that perfectly complement the MOLUK line up. Stay tuned for more infos.

20 JAN 2015

New MOLUK toys in Nuremberg

The international Toy Fair in Nuremberg 2015 is just around the corner. If you are attending the show please make sure to stop by our booth in Hall 2 D-13. We have two brand new toys as well as a redesigned version of the popular Pluï Rainball that we look forward to showing you. The Oogi Family is another new item for 2015 we are excited about. It has been selected for the "Express Yourself" special exhibition in the Trend Gallery in Hall 3A.
On Friday January 30 at 11am, MOLUK's designer and founder Alex Hochstrasser will give a presentation at the Toy Business Forum, speaking about MOLUK's vision for contemporary open-ended toys.

16 JAN 2015

Andemors Verden becomes MOLUK's distributor in Scandinavia

We have great news for our friends in Scandinavia: Andemors Verden will take over distribution of the whole MOLUK family in Denmark, Sweden and Norway! From 18-20 January you can see our toys at northmodern trade show in Copenhagen and meet Line Marie Wibroe and her team in person. They are in the Playground section, Booth C3-001B. For more information visit:

1 JAN 2015

Happy 2015!

2014 was an important year for MOLUK with the launch of Oogi and the Pluï Rain Cloud. Both toys have been in development since we started with MOLUK three years ago and perfectly represent our play philosophy: We strive to create toys that dare to go off the beaten track and challenge children to explore and discover on their own, toys that leave room for their imagination and self expression and toys that are unabashedly simple and manual in a loud and busy world crowded with ever more digital, blinking and beeping gadgets. We are grateful and happy about the enthusiastic response from all sides and look forward to another exciting year. We have one or two interesting things in the pipeline that will put a smile on your face. Stay tuned!

6 DEC 2014

'spiel gut' award for Bilibo Mini and the Bilibo Game Box

We are delighted to announce that both Bilibo Mini and the Bilibo Game Box have received the spiel gut® seal of approval. The non-profit organization, founded 60 years ago, to promote toys with exeptional play value has now recognized almost the entire MOLUK product range.

2 OCT 2014

KidsroomZOOM in Riga, October 2-31

MOLUK was invited to this special edition of KidsroomZOOM which is part of the Riga 2014 - European Capital of Culture 2014 programme. The exhibition focuses on the design of toys and children’s furniture that contributes to the intellectual and physical development of children. It is located in a stunning art nouveau building at Alberta Street 12. Lectures by Thomas Maitz from Perludi, Aija Priede-Sietina from Kukuu and Alex Hochstrasser from MOLUK on Oct 3, 3pm.

27 SEP 2014

100 Years of Swiss Design

“100 Years of Swiss Design” is the opening exhibition held in the new Schaudepot of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. With more than 800 objects from the Design Collection, the exhibition presents the first comprehensive show of Swiss design achievements and we are very honored to see Bilibo among these classics of Swiss Design. The Schaudepot is part of the recently inaugurated Toni Campus which is also the home of Zurich University of the Arts, the largest arts university in Switzerland.

100 Years of Swiss Design

24 SEP 2014

'spiel gut' award for Oogi

After Bilibo and the Pluï Rain Cloud the spiel gut® comittee also recognizes Oogi for its outstanding play value. We are thrilled and very grateful for this honor. The German non-profit organization is one of the few truly independent award programs and highly regarded for its long history of promoting high quality, sustainable toys that make a difference in children's lives.
oogi spiel gut

18 SEP 2014


We just returned from Kind+Jugend Cologne where MOLUK's toys, including the new Oogi and Pluï Rain Cloud, were part of the afilii DESIGNPARK special exhibition. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. For those who couldn't make it we prepared a short video with some impressions from the show.

2 SEP 2014

Kind + Jugend Fair Cologne, Sept 11-14, 2014

MOLUK will participate for the second year at the DESIGNPARK special exhibition curated by afilii during Kind + Jugend Fair in Cologne. If you are attending make sure to visit us in Hall 10, booth A70/B78.
Alex Hochstrasser, the designer and founder of MOLUK, will give a lecture offering some insight in his design process at the Trendforum on Sunday, 12:30h.

MOLUK at Kind + Jugend Fair 2014

29 AUG 2014

Oogi Video - Kids

Here is the second Oogi video that has been in the works for some time. It offers another glimpse of what you can do with our new figure toy, especially if you have more than one. We had a lot of fun shooting it and hope the video shows. Thanks to Charlotte, Elisa, Esther, Lavinia, Maximus, Masa, Tobias, Leonard, Tom and
Laurin :-)

23 JULY 2014

'spiel gut' award for the Pluï Rain Cloud

The spiel gut® Arbeitsausschuß Kinderspiel und Spielzeug e.V. (working committee for children’s games and toys) is a German non-profit organization. It was founded in 1954 by practitioners and scientists of medicine, psychology, pedagogy, arts and architecture to promote good toys. The 'spiel gut' seal of approval means that a toy has been tested by children and examined by independant experts to make sure it meets all their requirements regarding play value, durability, design, safety and sustainability.

29 JUNE 2014

MOLUK Summer Party

Thanks to all who joined us for the first MOLUK Summer Party at our new office in Zurich Seefeld. It was a great night and wonderful to see so many friends, family and partners, some coming all the way from Poland. Click on the images below for some impressions from the Party.

MOLUK Summer Party

20 JUNE 2014

Let's party!

We celebrate two and a half years of MOLUK, our new office and the launch of Oogi and the Rain Cloud!

When: June 27, starting at 4pm (open end)
Where: MOLUK headquarters, Seefeldstrasse 178, 8008 Zürich

MOLUK Summer

20 MAY 2014

Oogi Video

After a busy week of video shooting and editing we're excited to show you the first official Oogi clip. Tom is exploring our favorite new action figure - twisting, bending and stretching it to the max. We hope you like it :-)

12 MAY 2014

Major Fun Award for Oogi

We just received a thumbs-up and Major Fun Award from the renowned author, educator and fun theorist Bernie DeKoven and his team of play enthusiasts. In his review of Oogi he writes: "It’s just abstract enough to invite the imagination, just flexible enough accommodate your fantasies, and its stuck-to-it–iveness is just unpredictable enough to make you laugh. - Oogi is fun of the Major kind."
DeKoven, who just published a new book called The Playful Path, will also be one of the guest speakers at the upcoming Copenhagen Play Festival.


10 APR 2014

Milan Design Week - kidsroomZOOM!

kidsroomZOOM! is an exhibition dedicated to the design and art for children. It is the only event of its kind and the most important one in the field of childhood during the Milan Design Week. MOLUK is thrilled to be part again this year with our latest toys. If you are in Milano make sure to visit the exhibition curated by unduetrestella and hosted in a beautiful early XIX century building. April 8 -13, Via Giuseppe Revere 6, Milano. See impressions from the Desing Week on the MOLUK Facebook page.

kidsroomZOOM 2014

23 MAR 2014

Toy Fair 2014 - The Video

For those who could not make it to Nuremberg this year we have prepared a short video with impressions from our presentation at the International Toy Fair, Jan 29 - Feb 03, 2014. Both new toys were also on display at the TrendGallery in Hall 3A.

10 FEB 2014

MOLUK in Nuremberg 2014

This year's Toy Fair in Nuremberg was special as it marked the official launch of two major new products for MOLUK. Both Oogi and the Rain Cloud were extremely well received and we are still catching up with leads from all corners of the world. If you haven't head back from us yet don't worry, but a quick reminder by email might help anyway ;-)

MOLUK booth Nuremberg 2014


20 JAN 2014

MOLUK reinvents the doll: Hello Oogi!

Dolls and figures for role and pretend play are among the most ancient known toys. We have been thinking for a long time how we could truly innovate in this important category and come up with something as simple and versatile as Bilibo. Something which complements Bilibo but has also a strong identity on its own. Avoiding the gender specific nature of dolls (girls) and action figures (boys) was another goal.
The ability to hold things is one of the key features that make for instance Playmobil figures so interesting
and versatile. Connectivity and the possibility to attach to other objects and each other is also at the core of
our new toy which we are thrilled to announce. We‘re calling it: Oogi
Oogi is an irresistibly tactile and wonderfully expressive new figure toy. With suction cup head, hands
and feet, and long stretchy arms, it connects to any smooth surface. Oogi is made of high-quality, food-grade silicone rubber which is safe, durable and easy to clean. Available in in two sizes: Oogi (13cm) and Oogi Junior (8cm) and in the colors red and blue. Stretch you imagination!oogi box

20 JAN 2014

Pluï Rain Cloud - Poetry in the Bath Tub

Pluï - The Rainball has been very popular and is considered one of the most beautiful and innovative bath toys in recent years. In 2014 we are introducing a sister product based on the same physical principle: The Pluï Rain Cloud. Everyone loves clouds. There are cloud pillows, cloud lights, cloud computing - but we let the cloud do what it is supposed to do: rain!
Hygiene is always a big concern with bath toys so we incorprated a nifty locking mechanism that lets parents open the cloud for cleaning and then simply snap it back together.

Pluï Rain Cloud

18 JAN 2014

It's Showtime!

MOLUK is about to unveil Oogi, our first figure toy, and we are equally excited to introduce the Pluï Rain Cloud. Both have been in development for quite some time, so we can't wait to finally show them to you. If you are visiting the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg make sure to stop by our booth in Hall 2 D-17 and experience them hands-on. The new toys will also be on display at the upcoming Shows in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. See details below.

London Toy Fair, Jan 21-23, Gallery Stand 120 (Asobi)
Paris Maison&Objet, Jan 24-28, Hall 6 Booth C126 (DAM)
Nuremberg Toy Fair, Jan 29-Feb 3, Hall 2 Booth D-17 (MOLUK)
New York NY Now (Gift Show), Feb 2-6, Booth: 7126 (Kid O)
• Tokyo Toy Fair, Feb 2-5 (Papagino)
• New York Toy Fair, Feb 16-19, Booth: 5731 (Kid O)

MOLUK Hall2 D-07

6 JAN 2014

Bilibo Color 2014

We are happy to announce the new Bilibo color for 2014 which is, quite simply, a beautiful LIGHT BLUE. The new Bilibo will be available this spring. We hope you'll like it as much as we do.

Bilibo Light Blue

1 JAN 2014

Happy 2014!

MOLUK looks back with gratitude on a wonderful year. Our toys are now available on all continents (with the exception of Antarctica, but we're working on that. Penguins would look great in a Bilibo :-)
Thanks to all our dedicated partners and customers for their support and enthusiasm!

HAPPY 2014

5 DEC 2013

Best 100 Toys for Self-expression

This beautiful book featuring the best toys for self-expression has just been published in Japan. We're happy to see Bilibo among the selected items.

Best 100 Toys for Self-expression

10 OCT 2013

Beijing Design Week - Kaleidoscope

Our toys were part of this wonderful exhibition featuring contemporary Swiss design during Beijing Design Week 2013. Kaleidoscope, curated by Pierre Keller and Michel Hueter, was on display at the Jianwai Downstairs Gallery at the St. Regis Hotel from 26 Sept. to 3 Oct. and will now move to Shanghai where it opens at K11 ART FOUNDATION on 18 Oct 2013.



22 SEP 2013

MOLUK at Kind + Jugend Fair 2013

Bilibo and Plui were on display at a special exhibition about good design for kids by afilii during this year's Kind + Jugend Fair. Here are some impressions from the exhibition for those who couldn't make it to Cologne.

21 AUG 2013

Toy Design - Beauty and Inner Values

For the current series "Why Toy Design Matters", Fat Brain Toys invited Alex Hochstrasser to write a short piece about what, in his opinion, makes a toy beautiful and to give some insight into his design process. You can read the full article at

Bilibo Smile


8 JULY 2013

Bilibo at the Musée du Jouet

The Musée du Jouet in Moirans-en-Montagne, France, is dedicating its new exhibition to the design of toys. The show «De l’idée au jouet, histoires de design», opening on July 10, illustrates the different conceptual and esthetic approaches designers are taking when creating objects for play. The exhibition is running through March 2014.

Musée du Jouet Bilibo


3 MAR 2013

Bilibo Best Toy at KID'S TIME fair in Poland

Our Polish partner TUBLU has been presenting Bilibo and Plui for the first at the KID'S TIME fair in Kielce (1-3 March 2013) and was thrilled to receive the medal for Best Toy of the show for Bilibo - so are we :-)

6 FEB 2013

MOLUK in Nuremberg 2013

We just returned from the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg which was an astonishing success. A big thank you to everyone who visited our booth for your interest and great feedback. It will take some time to follow up all the leads, but we're thrilled about the many new contacts and look forward to bringing Bilibo & Co to many new countries in 2013!

MOLUK booth at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg


15 JAN 2013

International Toy Fair in Nuremberg

We are excited about the upcoming Toy Fair in Nuremberg where MOLUK will have its own booth for the very first time. Please make sure to come and see us in Hall 2 D-07.
For our German customers there will be a special presentation by Alex Hochstrasser at 4pm on Sunday, February 3rd, focusing on the history and philosophy of Bilibo and how to successfully present our toys in specialty retail. >> Tag des Fachhandels

Toy Fair Nuremberg 2013

1 JAN 2013

Our first year with MOLUK

2012 is over and it was quite a ride. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone - our partners, friends and family - for your help, trust and patience during our first year in business. MOLUK is still a baby but it confidently mastered the first steps and with your continued love and support it will grow into a strong and healthy new toy brand that is proudly different from the mainstream.


18 DEC 2012

2012 Red Tricycle Awards

206'650 people have voted for their favorite children's brands in Red Tricycle's 2012 Totally Awesome Awards. We are proud and very happy that Bilibo has received the most votes in the category Biggest Backyard Fun. Thanks to everyone who supported us!

19 NOV 2012

The new Bilibo Game Box

We are relaunching the popular Bilibo Game Box in a redesigned packaging. The set with 6 assorted Bilibo Mini and the modular Pixel Dice with 36 colored Pixel Chips now comes in a much more compact box. All blister parts have been eliminated to reduce waste. The Game Box is basically a construction set for new game ideas and invites the whole family to join the fun. A booklet with basic play ideas is included as well as a Pixel Pouch to store the dice and chips.

9 NOV 2012

Bilibo at afilii exhibition during Designer's Open in Leipzig 2012

The recently launched afilii - platform for sustainable, well designed toys, furniture and accessories for kids was showing a selection of projects from 20 designers and manufacturers during Designer's Open in Leipzig from Oct 26 - 28, 2012. All visitors, young and old, were invited to touch and play with the objects on display and vote for their favorite. Bilibo was a big hit. You can see some impressions in the video below.

28 SEP 2012

11th anniversary edition: The Silver Bilibo

To celebrate Bilibo's 11th Birthday on Sept 28, we are introducing an exclusive new edition in silver which will only be available in a few selected stores before X-mas this year. On our Facebook page you have a chance to win the very first specimen signed by its creator Alex Hochstrasser.

29 JULY 2012

Bilibo at the Museum of Modern Art New York

Today the MoMA opens its new show "Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000," a big exhibition which examines the intersection of Modernist design and modern thinking about children. We are thrilled that Bilibo is among the featured toys and sold in the MoMA Store in conjunction with the show.

1 JULY 2012

kidsroomZOOM! Exhibition - The Video

Check out the video with impressions from the wonderful kidsroomZOOM! exhibition at Pitti Bimbo in Florence this weekend. Pitti Immagine Bimbo is one of the most important fairs for children's fashion and Bilibo and Pluï were among a small selection of design and art projects that were shown at the special exhibition kidsroomZOOM!, a project by unduetrestella.

14 JUNE 2012

MOLUK at kidsroomZOOM! - Art and Design for Children

After the big success during the Milan Design Week in April, a selection of products from the exhibition kidsroomZOOM! curated by Paola Noé will be shown in Florence from June 28-30 for the 75. edition of Pitti Bimbo . Bilibo and Pluï will be part of the exhibition which offers a full spectrum of creative inspiration – from design to contemporary art, from fashion to books, from cookery to learning labs.


23 MAY 2012

Pluï Video

Here is the new video about Pluï that has been in the works for a while. The kids had a ball in the bath and we hope the short clip shows. Pluï is a cute and simple toy that combines learning and playing in a unique way. If you have images or videos of your own kids with Pluï or Bilibo please share them on our facebook page @

19 MAY 2012

Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab

A new exhibition at The Corning Museum of Glass showcases the Museum's signature design program, GlassLab. Alex Hochstrasser was one of over 45 international designers invited to collaborate with the Corning glassmakers, rapidly prototyping concepts and using the immediacy of hot glass as a catalyst for innovation. In a public design performance during Art Basel in June 2011 they explored the playful potential of glass with a series of non-functional, abstract objects. Some of the results are now featured in the GlassLab exhibition which opens today at the Corning Museum of Glass and runs through January 6, 2013.


11 APR 2012

Bilibo on Pinterest

Good word of mouth is one of the key reasons why our toys have become must-haves for young parents looking for that special something for their children. Next to great reviews on blogs or Facebook there is a new social media site that seems tailor-made for spreading the word - or rather the images - of our toys. Pinterest has been the fastest growing social network in the past year and we are part of it with a growing collection of pins on all things Bilibo & Moluk. We invite you to follow our boards and see what inspires us to create amazing toys @

Bilibo on PInterest

04 APR 2012

Bilibo Mini 6pack

MOLUK is anouncing the Bilibo Mini 6pack. We are replacing the current three different Bilibo Mini styles containing only 2 pieces per box with the new Bilibo Mini 6pack. Having a complete set of Minis in all 6 colors offers much more play value and opportunities for the kids. The shells are perfect for nesting and stacking, sorting colors and great fun when playing in the bath tub or out in the snow. The brightly colored cups in food-grade, recyclable plastic also double as cool containers for candy and other goodies at your kids' next party.Bilibo Mini 6pack

24 MAR 2012

New distribution in the Netherlands, Belgium and France

We are thrilled to start working with the great team from DAM who will distribute our toys in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. The MOLUK line was already shown at the Voorjaarsbeurs Show at Trade Mart Utrecht from March 4-6 and will be available later this spring.


15 FEB 2012

Toy Show New York

Kid O, our distributor for the USA and Canada, had a great booth at this year's Toy Show in New York, showing their cool new toys along with the Bilibo family and Plui. The feedback was very positive and Plui in particular seemed to be charming many new customers.

toy fair new york

01 FEB 2012

Toy Show Nuremberg

MOLUK is exhibiting for the first time at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Come and visit us at the booth of our German/Swiss distributor Carletto in Hall 1, C 03!

Nuremberg 2012


19 DEC 2011

Introducing: The Molukule™

MOLUK's logo is omnidirectional, i.e. there isn't really an up or downside. It can be rotated or mirrorreversed to best fit a given context. The online version even morphs and changes. The Molukule™ is playful and simple. It evokes happy memories and invites various interpretations - like the toys and objects it stands for.
The basic color is deep red (PANTONE 1795). For black and white documents it works both in positive or negative form.There is also a sexy threedimensional version of the Molukule™, but for print we definitely prefer the clean line drawing.


10 NOV 2011

International Toy Design Conference in Tel Aviv

The renowned Shenkar College in Tel Aviv was hosting an international Toy Design Conference on Nov 10, 2011. Alex Hochstrasser was one of the guest speakers. In his presentation he talked about his design process and play philosophy. He emphasized particularly the need for open-ended, physical play in a world that is becoming ever more virtual.


Shenkar Design Conference